Monday, February 3, 2014

62.I aMstErdam!!

Oh yeeaa it's all about Amsterdam!! 
We have planned a quick trip to visit the city at the end of March and I've already started the countdown because I'm too excited:) Actually we've been there together with our parents when we were children, but honestly I don't remember a lot about that travel, I think I was too young. Then I came back just for one day during a student-exchange when I was at the high school, but you know what can you see in one day?!
We'll not have a lot of time and we need to plan it so we've started to collect informations about what to visit, about cool places to have breakfast or dinner at and of course about you have any suggestions?! 
Really I can't wait to be in Amsterdam again and considering that we are just the two of us it's going to be amazing!!! In the meanwhile what's better than a post with some pictures of the city to get into the travel mood and to start the week in a good way?
Good Monday to all of you:)
- Emma -

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Marta said...

Really can't wait to be there!!!!