Hi, we are ME, Marta and Emma, two sisters from Italy.

RUN AFTER ME is a personal lifestyle blog which is about our common passion for traveling, cool stuff, love for aesthetic and our personal fashion style.

Me, Marta, I basically live in Milan with my boyfriend where I work as an assistant for a stylist in a fashion magazine. I'm about to finish my second graduate studies in Communication Design and in the meanwhile I'm trying to do my dream: becoming a fashion stylist. Fashion is a passion I've got inside since I was a child and it's not a life choice. Traveling is what makes my life special.

mE, Emma, I live in Vicenza and I'm studying Communication in Verona. I'd like to work in PR, that is in a press office or in a magazine about fashion or interior design. I'm planning to move to London because I'm absolutely in love with its atmosphere and with the British style. My favorite hobbies is going around new cities and having vintage shopping. 

Both, we are against animal cruelty for fur and animal testing for cosmetics. We really support this cause and we would like to exhort our readers to be ethically and conscious buyers. 

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