Thursday, April 24, 2014

71.Running the city

 Some snapshots I took during a day around Verona when my hair were still quite long!
This city has some really beautiful views, I always love walking through its streets with no destination, just finding new corners especially in the part along the river Adige.
And those shoes are made for walking!! Nike roshe run are absolutely so comfortable, can't live without them now ahah I'm thinking about getting another pair, maybe a more colorful one for the summer season:)
- Emma -

Friday, April 18, 2014

70.French mood: trench, strips and loafers!

We are back after a busy month that included: work, a trip to Amsterdam, an internship during the Milan Fuori Salone 2014 and some good news:) A lot of experiences that we want to share with all of you through our next posts. To start just two pictures taken on the Saturday morning before leaving to Amsterdam: I went out with my mum for a cosy morning, hanging around a beautiful and colourful artists' market!! It was a perfect spring day to wear some latest shopping for the first time: the H&M trench I love so much, a striped crop top that I wore over a basic white t-shirt and a trio small black bag from Bershka! 
P.s. I've also cut my hair, I think they look definitely better now:) 
We'll show you soon the pictures we took in Amsterdam..stay tuned!! 
- Emma -