Monday, February 17, 2014

68.A sporty look for dinner.

These are two pics snapped quickly last week by my boyfriend with his iphone before going out for dinner. I wore a grey wool sweater by Zara, a H&M black faux, of course :-), fur coat bought some years ago, a black pencil skirt by Primark, a pair of socks by H&M I totally fall in love with, a Zara bag and my worshipped Nike Free 5.0. I adore this kinda "sporty" mood especially for next spring summer: I think you need just a detail, like a pair of socks or a pair of shoes, to make your outfit casual like this one!!
Enjoy your Monday :-)
- Marta -

Friday, February 14, 2014

67.Play with the lengths.

I bought this short blue sweater on sale at Zara but I didn't wear it really often because it was stuck in my mind the idea of matching it with something with high waist but actually it's really short and it would be inevitable to end up with a huge part of my body exposed to the cold, not too excited, so I just putted it temporarily in a corner for a better moment of inspiration that came off last weekend and you can see in these pictures the result! The point was just into playing with the lengths nothing easier than putting a long white shirt under the sweater to make it even more highlighted! I'm so glad I've found these boots, a cheap version of the ones from Acne that I saw a lot around, you can get them from Pimkie!
Enjoy your day:)
- Emma -

Saturday, February 8, 2014

66.Paris sera toujours Paris.

Has it ever happened to you to have a little time for yourself maybe during some breaks or some idle times, maybe during a journey? Yesterday, while coming back from Milan to Vicenza by train, I was taking a look to some photo albums on my notebook and I ended up to one of the many Paris photo albums I collected. Actually during my first degree I had the chance to study for five months in France thanks to the Erasmus project. I stayed in Tours, the Loire capital, which is an hour by TGV far from Paris, so you can image how many times I visited la ville lumière :-) Nevertheless I never could be tired of that city because you know Paris sera toujours Paris :-) Sure enough after that period I went to Paris another time with my boyfriend, just few days, one to go to Disneyland Paris and few others to visit some museums and to wander around :-)
Here there are two pics: the first one taken on Le Pont des Arts and the second one at Le Jardin du Luxembourg.
Enjoy your Saturday people :-)
- Marta -

Friday, February 7, 2014

65.Overlap the crop tops.

Ok let's admit it: I'm totally CRAZY for crop tops! No doubts they're one of my favorite pieces from the trends of the past seasons. So I took advantage of the sales to increase my little collection lol:) I've bought two from Zara one sleeveless with a small pattern and one black with long sleeves, you can see both in these pictures taken before going out for a coffee break last Sunday. I overlapped them to make the outfit more interesting and warmer because you know crop tops are actually not the best clothes to face the cold winter. This is why I've added a pair of high waisted shorts cause yes I love the look “let's show the belly” but I was afraid of the consequences, I'll not go into specific..I postpone it when spring will be back. Hope soon!!
- Emma - 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

64.A pleasant idleness.

Last week I went two days to the mountain with my grannies and my boyfriend! I literally spent that little period just doing nothing except skiing, eating, sleeping and of course making me cuddle! Since during last months I've been working a lot and even during my Christmas holidays I didn't stop a second, those days were an absolute pleasant idleness useful to recharge my batteries in preparation for next months too. Sure enough this February is going to be a full month: new projects and new challenges!! Can't wait people!!
In the meanwhile these are some pics I took with my iphone during some breaks from skiing :-)
- Marta -

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

63.Frampesca Collection.

Some months ago a friend of mine asked me a favor: to make the look book for her sweatshirts collection!! Here are the pictures took by the photographer Martina Lavarda (you can visit her website mlavardaphotography)
The young woman who realized this special and singular collection is called Francesca Zamunaro, she's from Vicenza and she's the founder and the leader of Nuvole E.venti agency. Last autumn she created the sweatshirts collection you can see in these pictures above with the brand name of Frampesca. You can buy the collection on line on the website frampescashop and hurry up because the winter season is about to finish!
If you want you can also watch the brand instagram profile frampescaprintcollection with a lot of pics taken by many people with her sweatshirts, as famous fashion bloggers.
Sweatshirt is a simple piece you can easily wear with everything and in any occasion. It's casual, it's comfortable, it's warm and it could well become an elegant article especially if it's made with particular details like these ones. 
"Classic 80's sweatshirt become a new one just thanks to the combination of printed textiles and colored patterns. So this is a new way to wear a sweatshirt: easy but chic at the same time!!"
- Marta-

Monday, February 3, 2014

62.I aMstErdam!!

Oh yeeaa it's all about Amsterdam!! 
We have planned a quick trip to visit the city at the end of March and I've already started the countdown because I'm too excited:) Actually we've been there together with our parents when we were children, but honestly I don't remember a lot about that travel, I think I was too young. Then I came back just for one day during a student-exchange when I was at the high school, but you know what can you see in one day?!
We'll not have a lot of time and we need to plan it so we've started to collect informations about what to visit, about cool places to have breakfast or dinner at and of course about you have any suggestions?! 
Really I can't wait to be in Amsterdam again and considering that we are just the two of us it's going to be amazing!!! In the meanwhile what's better than a post with some pictures of the city to get into the travel mood and to start the week in a good way?
Good Monday to all of you:)
- Emma -