Tuesday, February 4, 2014

63.Frampesca Collection.

Some months ago a friend of mine asked me a favor: to make the look book for her sweatshirts collection!! Here are the pictures took by the photographer Martina Lavarda (you can visit her website mlavardaphotography)
The young woman who realized this special and singular collection is called Francesca Zamunaro, she's from Vicenza and she's the founder and the leader of Nuvole E.venti agency. Last autumn she created the sweatshirts collection you can see in these pictures above with the brand name of Frampesca. You can buy the collection on line on the website frampescashop and hurry up because the winter season is about to finish!
If you want you can also watch the brand instagram profile frampescaprintcollection with a lot of pics taken by many people with her sweatshirts, as famous fashion bloggers.
Sweatshirt is a simple piece you can easily wear with everything and in any occasion. It's casual, it's comfortable, it's warm and it could well become an elegant article especially if it's made with particular details like these ones. 
"Classic 80's sweatshirt become a new one just thanks to the combination of printed textiles and colored patterns. So this is a new way to wear a sweatshirt: easy but chic at the same time!!"
- Marta-

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