Friday, February 7, 2014

65.Overlap the crop tops.

Ok let's admit it: I'm totally CRAZY for crop tops! No doubts they're one of my favorite pieces from the trends of the past seasons. So I took advantage of the sales to increase my little collection lol:) I've bought two from Zara one sleeveless with a small pattern and one black with long sleeves, you can see both in these pictures taken before going out for a coffee break last Sunday. I overlapped them to make the outfit more interesting and warmer because you know crop tops are actually not the best clothes to face the cold winter. This is why I've added a pair of high waisted shorts cause yes I love the look “let's show the belly” but I was afraid of the consequences, I'll not go into specific..I postpone it when spring will be back. Hope soon!!
- Emma - 

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