Saturday, February 8, 2014

66.Paris sera toujours Paris.

Has it ever happened to you to have a little time for yourself maybe during some breaks or some idle times, maybe during a journey? Yesterday, while coming back from Milan to Vicenza by train, I was taking a look to some photo albums on my notebook and I ended up to one of the many Paris photo albums I collected. Actually during my first degree I had the chance to study for five months in France thanks to the Erasmus project. I stayed in Tours, the Loire capital, which is an hour by TGV far from Paris, so you can image how many times I visited la ville lumière :-) Nevertheless I never could be tired of that city because you know Paris sera toujours Paris :-) Sure enough after that period I went to Paris another time with my boyfriend, just few days, one to go to Disneyland Paris and few others to visit some museums and to wander around :-)
Here there are two pics: the first one taken on Le Pont des Arts and the second one at Le Jardin du Luxembourg.
Enjoy your Saturday people :-)
- Marta -

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