Friday, January 31, 2014

61.Inspiration 3: the Sleeveless Coat.

Since about a month I've got kinda obsession for the sleeveless coat!! It's a basic piece that misses in my wardrobe and I'll go bananas if I won't find one. The worst thing is that during these first winter sales I had found one by Zara, a pale blue one in mohair wool but I decided to wait for it cause of the price. And now I'm quite getting crazy because it's out of stock and I can't find one. Rather I'd better know who could sell it: Lanvin, Victoria Beckam, Cloé, Yves Salomon, Etro, Jil Sander… But… Since maybe in a million years I could afford one of that brands, now I'll be more than satisfied with one by Zara, by H&M or any one with a fair price. There's another option as well: I'm really open mind and I definitively accept gifts :-)
All kidding aside I'm literarily searching everywhere: here in Milan, on any online stores, on ebay! The perfect one that I'd like to have is a wool one, long till the ankles and in a pale color, like grey or light blue, or even in a dark blue one.
Sleeveless coat vest, sleeveless jacket, or maxi gilet (I don't even know the right word to call it) is the perfect piece to complete your outfit. In my opinion it's a simple article fitting for any occasion, especially for your daily look. It's "clean", with simple features, basic and essential, but it makes you cooler than anyone else. And it' absolutely a trend of the season.
You can find an example in this video by
In the meanwhile I'm waiting for any advices to find one :-)
- Marta- 

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