Wednesday, September 18, 2013

36.Look for work.

Here's how I look today for some work dates I've to go.
I'm sorry if pics quality isn't so good, but I took these pictures by myself with my iphone and I wanted to post them the same because I love this simple look.
Here in Milan it's a wonderful day, Milan Fashion Week has started today. I intensely love this week because I can breath deep what fashion is just walking around the city and looking all different people looks.
My sister Emma's studying for two exams, so she's a little bit missing from the blog because she's so busy, but she will come back here as soon as possible.


Leila said...

Molto carina, mi piace molto il tuo stile! Scusa la domanda stupida forse, ma come hai fatto a farti le foto da sola con l'iphone??

Marta said...

Ciao Leila, intanto grazie infinite per il commento ;-) Per le foto con l'iphone ho usato l'applicazione T.Camera che puoi tranquillamente scaricare dall'app store e che ti permette di fare gli autoscatti, io la uso spessissimo :-)