Monday, September 2, 2013


I've always been a fan of the famous movie "Divorzio all'italiana", an italian comedy set in the 60's in a supposed village called Agramonte. The protagonist of the comedy is a baron called Ferdinando Cefalù. In my mind I've always related the fake village Agramonte to the real town of Cefalù, which I could visit last week in the north of Sicily. Even if Agramonte doesn't exist, the streets of Cefalù reminded me so much the shown streets in the movie. I've been so happy for beeing there because Cefalù is so spectacular, so full of colors, so particular, so typical, so rich in history and I think it literally represents what Sicily is. So I'd like to suggest anyone to go to Cefalù once or to watch "Divorzio all'italiana" to taste a little bit of what wonderful Sicily means. Finally I can say that Cefalù is one of the places I've loved most in the entire Sicily.

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Oh my god!!!! It's a beatiful boy!!!!