Thursday, May 15, 2014

78.Amsterdam photo diary.

At the begging of April Marta and I went to visit Amsterdam for three days! We stayed at the Room Mate Aitana Hotel that we really suggest you: it's been built recently, it's clean, modern, very comfortable and just 10-15 minutes far from the train station and the main places of the city by walk! All the entire experience in town was really a city crush! We felt in love immediately with the view: every house is so cute and characteristic and OMG all those bridges..magical!! One thing has really impressed us: everyone in Amsterdam looks relaxed and happy, maybe it's because of the bikes ahah I don't know but it was contagious :-) 
We found a lot of vintage shops in which we spent a substantial part of our time, we recommend absolutely: Episode that has two locations in the city and it's very equipped. Seriously it was a perfect sisters trip!! 
We were just a little bit disappointed by the Van Gogh Museum because we thought we would have found more paintings of the artist, but probably some were temporarily out, lent to other museums. 
What I loved most was to stay sitting outside in one of the many cool bar just watching around cool people… Oh yes Amsterdam is such a cool city and it would be great living there, maybe in the future who knows?
As you can see in the pictures our outfit were quite dedicated to keep warm and comfortable that means: pants, sweater, coat, a small bag and of course Nike shoes :-)
These are some pics of our travel, stay tuned for other ones about flower market or about bikes.

- Emma -

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