Wednesday, October 9, 2013

44.Inspiration 2: Faux Fur Coat.

This is a little inspiration post about faux fur coat streetstyle! My sister and I are looking for the perfect one for this winter that seems to be here earlier, considering the weather outside today in Vicenza:( I mean that perfect piece in your closet that you don't need to put so much more on cause it itself is gonna make your outfit cool and warm of course! We have a specific model on our mind: a dark brown one, actually it's a shade of brown called "testa di moro", long till under the bottom, but it's not so easy to find it in stores. I think we'll have a look around in the Naviglio Grande Antiques Market, a vintage market that takes place every last Sunday of the month in Milan!
I really want to underline that we always buy FAUX fur coat and not real one, we are absolutely against animal cruelty for fur and animal testing for cosmetics! We really support this cause and we would like to exhort you to be ethically right and conscious buyers!
If you want to get more informations about this reality visit PETA website or these websites anti vivisection: LAV and STOPVIVISECTION.
- Emi -

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